Maulana Badrul Haque Khan Foundation

About Us

This foundation was established in 2012, the founder of this foundation is Maulana Mohammed Badrul Haque Khan.

The foundation objective is to provide education for poor and needy people. If natural disasters occur – like floods or earthquakes – we support our area and community by rebuilding homes and providing food. In addition, we assist students to recite the Holy Quran correctly and with Tajweed. Also, we provide help to Mosques and Madrashas for Islamic education. We encourage students to learn about important events from the Islamic education (such as: Eid - E -Miladun - Nabi, Shab - E - Barat, Shab - E -Miraj, Independent Day for Bangladesh etc).

Maulana Mohammed Badrul Haque Khan

Founder Chairman

Maulana Badrul Haque Khan Foundation